Messier Stealth


  • 5 axis CNC machined ALU
  • shot peened surface
  • black anodization
  • Organic black tanned Leather
  • Hand sewn leather base
  • Black sewing
  • CNC machined black tan Oak
  • Anti slip/stick rubber ring
  • Alestimo cleaning cloth

During the 18th century famed French astronomer Charles Messier noticed the presence of several nebulous objects while surveying the night sky originally mistaking these objects for comets, he began to catalog them so that others would not make the same mistake. Today the resulting list includes over 100 objects and is one of the most influential catalogs deep space objects. One the most famous ones is the Starbust Galaxy known as the Messier 82 which is also called The Cigar Galaxy.

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Messier Stealth

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Messier is speaking for everything we are passionate about, we don’t even look at it as a product, to us it is a living thing, an object that creates perfect fusion of comfort and tension. Its complicated yet organic design that flows even when standing still is possible only by using premium materials that we have chosen carefully. In that way the side rails and ash bowl (centrum) are made on a 5 axis CNC machine from solid blocks of aluminum which are then shot peened and anodized in specific color. For the platforms we have chosen 3 different wood types which are then machined on CNC machine, lacquered and some even colored in to desired color tone. The final part that connects them all is the base of the ashtray which is dressed in organic tanned cowhide leather from Florence which is one of the best cow leathers you can get on the market. The fine leather sheets are handsewn together and finished in collaboration with our local leather artisan who lived in Sardegna for a very long time where he had his leather workshop and made people stare upon his work and attention to detail which is the exact quality we firmly stand behind.

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Dimensions 32 × 30 × 7,5 cm


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